Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Yes, Two Dollar Click Is a Scam

Are you trying to make money with Two Dollar Click, well don't waste your time because this site is a big scam and I´m going to prove it to you.


What is Two Dollar Click all about

Two Dollar Click is a PTC where you start to earn money by clicking adds, well that's suppose to happend but is not the exact reality.


My personal Two Dollar Click review and results

I joined Two Dollar Click and started to earn money inside the back office, you can see that on the right on Earning Balance, I got $981.20 but you have to make $1000 or more to transfer that to your Paypal or Alertpay account.

Some more clicks during the days and I've pass the $1000, here I can make my withdraw

I started the withdraw with my paypal account

And my transfer is still pending since I started the process

And still waiting and waiting and waiting...  for that Two Dollar Click income transfer that will never come!


Best regards
Luis Villasana



  1. Thanks For Telling us.
    but tell me where i can earn real money?

    1. Hi Mohsin,

      You can check my blog where it says "If you really want to make money I invite you to join my GDI team, check all the information Here" or click this link, it will tell you how to make money online.


      Best regards